To Tweet or Not To Tweet…

I’ll admit that I worried about staying home with Abby this year. I was afraid I’d be alone on a raft in the middle of the stay-at-home-mom ocean. I was convinced that all my education, training, and useless trivia would simply evaporate and I’d only be capable of speaking about Noggin (which I love!) and potty training (which I hate!). This scenario seemed  so obvious to me that I’d already began planning how I would introduce myself to people in 10 years when Abby tells me to get a life.

Oddly, my prepared speech sounded like an AA introduction, “Hi- I’m Jeannie. And I’m a parent.”

Everyone would obviously respond with, “Hello Jeannie” and then there would be oooohs and ahhhhs and “We understand” followed by “You’re safe here.”

But here’s the thing- I’m thinking about trashing that plan. Because thanks to the crazy world we live in, I feel more connected to people now than I did before I had a kid.

Pre-Abby, I relied on email and phone calls and even the absurdly outdated face-to face conversations to stay in touch. But no more! For the past year I’ve taken full advantage of technology to make me feel a part of the human race and I don’t regret it.

I blog. Occasionally people read it and sometimes they even comment.  I don’t expect many people to care about my day to day life or random thoughts, but it’s nice when the blog connects me to someone new. Who cares if I never meet them in person?

I also joined Facebook last year. I’ve reconnected with people I knew in my former lives. I love Facebook. Not only do I get to see how people have changed but I also get to view embarrassing pictures from the past. There’s something about knowing everyone else has aged with you that’s comforting. School reunions also seem less intimidating now.

But even with the time invested in these two things, I’m still out of the loop. Apparently to be all that I can be, I need to master Twitter.

The problem with Twitter is that I just can’t seem to do it. I don’t know why. I have an account. I know how it works. But I seem only capable of twittering (tweeting?) once every 2 weeks or so. Definitely a social misfit.

It seems so similar to the Facebook status. Except without people trying to save the rainforest or attempting to discover which Friends’ character you’re most like. Twitter appears to be the adult version of Facebook.

I keep stumbling across articles on how Twitter can boost your networking and how to use it to increase work productivity. And maybe that’s my problem with it. Because for a stay at home mom like me, I don’t really want to increase productivity. I just want to increase nap time.

Plus the fact that Twitter gives you a word limit terrifies me. You can’t ramble on and contractions seem inevitable. I wonder if right-brained people tend to love Twitter and left-brained people prefer blogs? Hmm… someone conduct a study!

Anyway, to all of you out there who manage to juggle Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs, and your real life- I stand humbled before you.

But I think I’ve reached my capacity for social networking. I’m content with making friends the old fashioned way: through blog hopping and Facebook suggestions.

And I will revise my speech.

“Hi- I’m Jeannie. I’m a parent. And I’m a non-practicing Twitter user.”

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3 Comments to “To Tweet or Not To Tweet…”

  1. You know, Jeannie, I still don’t understand twitter. I checked it out once but it was so confusing and intimidating that I haven’t gone back since. Facebook is awesome, I agree, and while I don’t blog nearly enough I have met some interesting people hopping around blogspot.

    It’s a messed up world when I don’t know what to do when I meet someone in person but have no problem commenting on a stranger’s blog. O.o


  2. twitter is overrated and lame. facebook is where its at. trust.

  3. After you have a child (or children…if you have more than one), you will be known forever more as the child’s parent. In some cases when more than one child is present, you will acquire a multiple personality as you are introduced and/or answer questions by or about the different kids.
    It’s all part of the parenthood game.
    Once you have a baby, they own you.


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