I purposely avoided bookstores last week. There wasn’t much (any) time for free reading and I couldn’t bear to walk into a store and not leave with the newest Jodi Picoult- Handle with Care. That would have been like going to The Cheesecake Factory and only eating an entree. And let’s be honest- I make fun of those people.

So I bided my time until yesterday- the official start of Spring Break in our family. Vacation time in our house means a chance at golf for Matt and an opportunity for me to read without interruption.

We went to the store and I gently held a copy. I looked at the ridiculously high price that hardbacks are going for these days. I thought to myself, “If I can just wait a few more months, then I can read it for free at the library. There have to be plenty of other books I can read in the meantime.”

Then I turned on my heel, marched up to Matt, and announced, “My happiness only costs $19.49!” He followed me as I practically skipped to the register.

Turns out it was a good price. It took me approximately 36 hours to finish. If I hadn’t chosen to eat, sleep, shower, and mother my kid, I would have finished sooner, but the price wouldn’t have been worth it. See the way I figure it, by taking a full 36 hours to read, my pure joy was bought for only 54 cents an hour. Chump change!

If you’re a fan of Jodi Picoult, and especially if you’re a fan of My Sister’s Keeper (and who isn’t?!), you should read this one. Picoult’s ability to write each chapter from a different character’s viewpoint is the reason I first thought she was such a gifted author. In this book she amazed me once again with the way she caused me to alternately love, pity, and hate every one of the characters that she created.

And I can tell you that the issues and questions she brings to light are rough. It isn’t a happy-go-lucky, easy, beach read. It’s the kind of writing that made me feel heartbroken and frustrated and angry while I read it. And yet every time I had to do the unthinkable and actually put the book down, I spent the moments reflecting on what I’d just read and hurrying to get back to the story.  

I’m giving myself until tomorrow to shake off the weird brain fog that seems to envelop me when I really care about the contents and characters of a novel. Then I’ll get back to the blog and my real life.

After all, American Idol doesn’t stop for books.


One Comment to “Surfacing”

  1. Oooh, I want to read this one now. Thinking of taking it on my next business trip- That’s the only time I have to read!

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