American Idol- Top 11

Tonight is already better than last week simply because Paula isn’t wearing anything that could be mistaken for a dead animal.

I knew it would eventually be country music night, but I can’t believe they’re using it to follow Michael Jackson’s songs. Please know that I have absolutely nothing against country music. What I do have a problem with is amateur singers attempting to sing country. But I think this week serves as a filter for American Idol. The contestants get shaken out of their comfort zone and only the good singers are left standing.

Michael Sarver- “Ain’t Going Down”- I still don’t understand how he made it this far. What exactly did the judges think was so unforgettable about Michael? Because I, for one, look at him and remember Danny’s best friend who they cut. My problem is that contestants from Texas always think they can sing country, but really they can’t. Michael is no exception. He’s like all the country boys I’ve known- he knows all the words, but his performance belongs in a karaoke bar on a Saturday night. If this is Michael’s genre then he’s definitely not my American Idol.

*** A side note- I hate (HATE) when contestants talk back to the judges. They know you “want to have fun” and “make it your own” and “are trying to show a different side” so stop arguing. If you’re not willing to hear what the judges have to say, then don’t audition.

Allison Iraheta – “Blame It On Your Heart”- She looks much cuter than she did last week. Amazing how taking a 16 year old out of black leather motorcycle gear makes her look younger. I feel like she’s yelling most of the song. It also seems like she’s trying to make it a rock song through her overuse of hand gestures. It wasn’t awe-inspiring, but I do like her more now than I did last week.

Kris Allen- “To Make You Feel My Love”- going it without the guitar is a smart move in my opinion. It makes him seem more like a singer and less like a musician. I think he has a beautiful, clear voice. I like the arrangement; in fact, I like it more than the original Garth Brook’s version. I think it takes talent and guts to sing a slow country song and in my opinion Kris delivered. He’s cute, he’s talented, and he seems very sincere while singing. He just moved up my list.

Lil Rounds- “Independence Day”- I was expecting her to go with a gospel/country type of song, but instead she’s venturing out. She looks older tonight- a little too fancy for the song. Ironically, her outfit would have been perfect if she was singing “Fancy” by Reba. The chorus sounds good, but the verses sound a little strange. It sounded forced, uncomfortable, but maybe it was just too slow. I’m sure she’ll redeem herself next week.

Adam Lambert- “Ring of Fire”- I’ve never loved Randy Travis more than I do now after seeing his interaction with Adam. My immediate thought is that it sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack to “Serendipity.” You know- the new age music John Corbett played? I’m devastated for every Johnny Cash fan out there. And yet I’m oddly entranced by the high notes Adam hits. The guy has some amazing pipes. Hmm… I feel slightly hypnotized, uncomfortable, and a little dirty after that performance.

Scott MacIntyre- “Wild Angels”- I’m surprised that he chose a Martina song when there are so many other country artists to choose from… male artists. It sounds like he started a few notes too low. I can’t figure out if he has forgotten some of the words or the music, but it’s a little uncomfortable to listen to. It picked up at the chorus but it just wasn’t enough to save it for me. He’s in the same category as Michael- they can sing, but are they really 2 of the best 11 in America? After hearing him comment on how he likes arranging music, I think maybe that’s what he should be doing- not trying to win a singing competition.

Alexis Grace- “Jolene”- I know the clothes aren’t what matter, but I hate her dress. It looks like something you buy at a mall prom shop. I just listened to the whole thing and was bored throughout. It was background music for me while I thought about grocery shopping. I’m glad she did well last week. I never thought she looked like Dolly until I saw her singing tonight. The dress would have looked better on Dolly though.

Danny Gokey- “Jesus Take the Wheel”- these glasses are much less distracting than the Sally Jesse Raphael ones. I love how comfortable he seems on stage. It isn’t like he’s overly performing, it’s just a natural fit. This started out a little iffy but then he opened up again. Every week he blows me away when he hits his stride at the chorus. The raspy beautiful sound of his voice always draws me in and I love it. So far, he’s the only one who has impressed me tonight.

Anoop Desai- “You Were Always On My Mind”- I have nothing but respect for the fact that Anoop hasn’t shied away from strong song choices. I love Willie and I think Anoop may be able to pull this off. He’s doing the right thing by dressing casually, standing with a mic, and singing his heart out. His voice sounds better than I remember. It’s clear and beautiful and I love it. Tonight he is second only to Danny. I’m getting back to work on my Anoop slogans.

Megan Joy- “I Go Walking”- did she lose her last name? Last week she was Megan Joy Corkrey, right? I don’t just make those kind of names up in my head, do I? Whoever she is- I like the dress and the hair and the makeup but I wonder if she regrets any of those tattoos. She should regret the butt shake. I regret it for her. I’m so torn about her because on the one hand she’s different, unusual in a good way, but on the other hand the way she moves (I refuse to say she’s dancing) and her stage presence is so spastic it makes me uncomfortable. That being said, there are others who should go home before her. It’ll give me a little more time to make up my mind.

*** Was Paula just smelling Simon’s arm? Why? What is wrong with her?

Matt Giraud- “So Small”- I wonder if Paula will say that the piano is a crutch for him too. I don’t know this song and it really isn’t making an impact on me. He can sing well and there’s no doubt he can play, but I’m just not overwhelmed tonight. Tonight he’s in the middle of the pack for me.

Hmm…. maybe I’m emotionally detached tonight but this week wasn’t amazing. I’m going to say the bottom two should be Michael and Scott.


8 Comments to “American Idol- Top 11”

  1. no one stood out to me tonight except adam, but thats probably just because i deeply, inherently DESPISE country music and everything associated with it. but yeah, he was totally original and totally giving trent reznor. and lets face it, trent reznor is the sex.

    however, kris is still just too precious for words. im a sucker for the generic acoustic white boy. and anoop was good. and i still like tattoo mcweirdchick. and the 16 year old REALLY needs to do something about her hair, its just distracting.

    *paula clearly spilled her drugs on simons arm and was sniffing them back up. duh.

  2. i’m also a sucker for the acoustic… white boy or not!

    if only tattoo mcweirdchick was a little less crazy. weird is good. unique is great. crazy is just plain crazy.

  3. I, too, begrudge the fact that they sent Danny’s best friend home.

    Can’t wait for the Anoop slogans!

  4. We like to call Megan’s moves ‘seizure-like’ in our house. She’s sure one little spastic lady. It deters from her singing.

    And, I agree about your bottom 2 picks.

  5. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  6. Okay, these 2 comments made me LOL:

    Tonight is already better than last week simply because Paula isn’t wearing anything that could be mistaken for a dead animal.


    Hmm… I feel slightly hypnotized, uncomfortable, and a little dirty after that performance.


    I totally agree about the Serendipity comment. Totally.

  7. The fact that you compared Adam’s performance to John Corbett’s music in Serendipity is just PERFECT!! I agree with just about everything you had to say. What is the deal with Megan Joy losing the Corkrey? I liked her performance but I am totally distracted by the tattoo? Why would anyone do that to themselves?

    My favorites are Kris, Anoop and Matt. (Of course, Danny too but I wasn’t thrilled w/ last night’s performance.)

  8. Yes! Paula was either smelling or licking Simon’s arm and it was just…strange!!!!!

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