I’m Not Laughing

When Abby was little, the doctors told us that she couldn’t have seasonal allergies because she hadn’t been exposed to them long enough. The reasoning was that people have to first spend time around the irritant before they actually become allergic to it.

While I didn’t believe the doctors in regards to my kid, I’m stealing the rationale.

You see, I think I’ve reached my tolerance level for “LOL” and I’m officially allergic.

It didn’t use to bother me but now I keep finding those three little letters everywhere and it drives me insane. Seriously, my eye starts to twitch.

I’m not talking about the people who use it in response to something, I’m talking about it being part of an original piece of writing.

Each time I see “lol” I have to stop and think, “Does that mean she’s laughing out loud, or does it mean that I should be laughing out loud?” Then I get annoyed because I don’t show emotion on command. I’ll laugh when I feel like it thank you very much.

Having said that, let me be honest- I have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor so if I ever announce that I’m laughing out loud you should assume I’m lying.

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