A duck, 3 kids, and some ice

Thanks to Maggie’s connection with a clown, we were able to go see Disney on Ice today. (I don’t know much about the clown other than it seems awfully similar to what I know about mobsters… call a guy who knows a guy who has a silly name and things happen!)

Anyway, it was wonderful. The show was great, the kids’ faces were priceless, and thanks to the freak weather, it was warmer inside the cold arena than outside!

Abby has been in love with Donald since she was about 1, but lately Goofy has been a bit of a heart stealer too.



Abby’s favorite part was clapping and then yelling loudly at the people behind us, “Clap louder everyone!”

abby and owen

Owen was super excited about The Lion King act but Jenn was singing along with The Little Mermaid.


Levi may have been the stillest 3 year old in the place and he definitely inherited Maggie’s love of popcorn!



We all pretended to not see the strings helping Peter Pan “fly”.

peter pan

And I was a little embarrassed by my parenting skills when the jellyfish came out. I told Abby what they were (assuming she didn’t know because she’s never seen The Little Mermaid) and she announced, “I know jellyfish Mommy. I watch Spongebob.”

Yep, that’s my kid.jellyfish



2 Comments to “A duck, 3 kids, and some ice”

  1. I’m so glad you all got to go! It looks like a great time was had by all, especially the moms.

  2. beware of clowns named bilbo baggins….

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