American Idol- Top 9

With 1 less crummy singer joining us tonight… THIS is American Idol!

Anyone else concerned just by the hairstyles of the contestants when Ryan walked past them during the intro? Scott and Allison look insane! I bet there will be stylist comments made tonight.

Most popular downloads is the theme of the week. That means they have a chance to ruin a song we were jamming to earlier today!

Anoop Desai- “Caught Up”- oh dear… I was going to mention his sweaty lip for Jen, but I’m more concerned with the hair growth shown in the video. I refuse to refer to it as a mustache. The live performance offers a combination of sweat and stubble. Honestly, I’m so distracted by his facial expressions that I’m not even listening. It reminds me of a Constantine performance… remember him? How can you not? Every time he looked in the camera I felt violated. Back to Anoop… in my opinion it wasn’t great. I call bottom 3 without hearing anyone else. And what is with the chain over the shoulder of his jacket?

Megan Joy- “Turn Your Lights Down Low”- she seems like a Bob Marley fan… or at least her “dance” moves shouldn’t seem as out of place. She looks like a complete mess. All I can imagine is her singing this on some island as part of the hotel “atmosphere”. At the beginning of the season, I was a fan of hers. I thought she was unique and different in a good way. But she doesn’t even seem to be trying. It sounds the same every week- boring, annoying, and awkward. About the time she lost the Corkey from her name, she lost me as a fan.

  • **Can I add that I hate when the contestants follow up criticism with the “I think my fans liked it” comment? I want to scream, “They did! They LOVED it! All FIVE of them! It’s the rest of us that you should be worried about!”

Danny Gokey- “What Hurts The Most”- huh, didn’t peg him to choose a country song. I like their music, but I’m not a fan of the lead singer of Rascal Flatts… he sounds very, very nasally in my opinion. Hope Danny does it better than the original! The start is a little shaky but as always, he gets better as the song goes on. And I will admit that hearing him sing those words and knowing he has lost his wife, made me tear up a little.

Allison Iraheta- “Don’t Speak”- she plays guitar? Too bad it doesn’t detract from her hair. She looks like the love child of Cyndi Lauper and Adam Lambert. The start sounds better (read “better” as less smoky/raspy) than she usually does. Maybe the guitar was the reason she sounded better because once she stopped playing, it lost the softness and she went back to near screaming. There are worse singers still in the competition so she’ll slide through for another 2 or 3 weeks. After that, she better do something amazing. And when Randy makes fun of your outfit, you know it’s no good.

  • **Anyone else see the preview for the new show “Glee” during commercials? I’m intrigued.

Scott MacIntyre- “Just The Way You Are”- since he’s chosen a male artist for the first time in 3 weeks, this is a good start. Oh no! The combination of puffy, high, off the forehead hair and the leather jacket make him look like Greg Kinnear! And I LIKE Greg Kinnear! Scott sounds good tonight. It’s a quiet, simple, soft kind of song that borders on boring but isn’t. It’s the first time he’s sung that I’ve heard the song and not just the wrong notes. I actually liked him tonight. Could he be better than I thought? Or maybe it’s that I imagined Greg singing to me? Whatever the reason, I doubt he’ll go home this week.

Matt Giraud- “You Found Me”- I love The Fray. I love this song. And I don’t think it’ll sound like a piano bar performance. Why did they put him over there with the groupies? It sounds alright but it doesn’t sound much different than the original. His voice isn’t bad but I’m not amazed or really entertained by him tonight. The judges were a little harsh though.

Lil Rounds- “I Surrender”- uh oh, I don’t think she should be singing Celine. Prove me wrong, Lil, please prove me wrong. She looks way older tonight than she is. She pulled out an impressive run of notes, but the end of the song seemed a little off. A little flat in places. She has a voice, but I don’t want to listen to that song again. Oh, her kids are so stinking adorable. Vote for Lil- keep her girls in the audience!

Adam Lambert- “Play That Funky Music”- I’m prepared for crazy Adam to come back tonight. I wonder if his hair had so much product in it last week that it just stayed slicked back until now? Okay, I originally had my doubts but the guy is entertaining to watch! He has fun and the notes he hits are incredible. He has this amazing ability to sing loud and high and crazy without sounding like he’s screaming it. Is it wrong to imagine him with Gene Simmons makeup on? I think he may take it from here on out. He’s fresh, he’s young, he can dance, he can obviously sing, he’s interesting and both guys and girls love him. Next week Ryan might as well announce, “THIS is Adam Idol!”

Kris Allen- “Ain’t No Sunshine”- he did great last week and I hope he can do it again. I’ve never seen him play piano and I like the change from guitar. I’m a fan of scruff but not the mustache scruff. I love the tone of his voice. I love the song arrangement. I love that he’s equally sweet and strong. Man, he may be the only one who could have followed Adam and not gone up in flames! That was a great song. My favorite performance from him ever.

Okay, so I dole out the term “greatness” when after watching a performance, I rewind and watch again, and then rewind again and make Matt watch with me. I did that with Adam and Kris. They rocked me tonight. They are greatness.

Bottom 3- Anoop, Megan, Allison.

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7 Responses to “American Idol- Top 9”

  1. Visiting from BooMama – HI! Danny’s performance was great tonight, I teared up too! I also really like Kris. I hope Megan goes home tomorrow.

  2. LOVE the “She looks like the love child of Cyndi Lauper and Adam Lambert.” comment…perfect. Visiting from BooMama…great recap.

  3. I loved Kris’ performance! He was awesome!

  4. Hey…popping over from BooMama’s! Ha! Great comments on AI last night….really irritated me too about Megan’s “my fans comment”. Hello?? Since when have the AI contestants be so dang lippy?! Loved Kris to the max and I’ve been a Danny fan from the beginning. I’d love to say goodbye to Scott, Megan or Lil. 🙂 Thanks, have a fab day!

  5. Totally unrelated – thanks for your comment on Lindsay’s blog on the prayer question – especially for finding the relevant verses! My mind just went blank of scripture as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard.

    Have a blessed evening!

    • Diane- thanks for the thanks… it’s rare that I have a verse when I need it! There’s never going to be an easy answer to Lindsay’s question and I’m sure someone will find fault with the scripture I gave, but I had to put it out there!


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