American Idol- Top 9 Results

I’m super excited that when put on the spot, Simon said the same 3 names that I picked last night. Good call, Simon. Good call.

All joking aside, I do respect Simon. He’s blunt, calm, and easy to understand. And honestly, when you follow Paula in comments, you need that.

Man, Adam even stands out in the cheesy group singalongs! And Megan apparently doesn’t limit the butt shake/twist to the Idol stage… she also works it on the red carpet!

Whoa- I can not BELIEVE Danny pulled out the Matt/Coldplay impersonation! So uncomfortable.

I still love David Cook. He’s one of my all time favorites. Good personality, great voice.

Horrible trick just played on Matt. Stupid Ryan Seacrest.

Megan just cawed her way to the loser’s circle… so fitting.

Lady Gaga. Not enough time in the world to discuss her outfit or performance.

Megan’s going home. And they’re not saving her! HOORAY!

Unfortunately for us and the judges, she’s singing and dancing up close and personal one last time. And she forgot the words.

Adios Megan. Don’t forget to pick up the Corkey on your way out!


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