American Idol- Top 8

Is Ryan wearing more makeup than usual tonight?

Tonight they’ll be singing songs from the year they were born. I hate this week on American Idol because I feel like it’s the most karaoke-ish of all the themes. Most of the people on this show were born in the mid 80s. And let’s be honest- there were a few crappy music years back then. I’m a little nervous about the song choices.

Danny Gokee- “Stand By Me”- this is one of my all time favorite songs. I’m glad Danny chose it. I hate to say it, but I’m not impressed. This is a classic song. A song that should stir up a sentimental emotion when you hear it. And I’m not feeling it. Sure, he hit a few good notes, but I hate, and I don’t mean dislike, I mean I HATE this arrangement. I now wish Kris had gotten to sing this… just him and a guitar. Danny’s still in it, but I’m disappointed.

Kris Allen- “All She Wants To Do Is Dance”- I just don’t know how he’s going to pull off an upbeat dance song. And an 80s one on top of it all. He’s hitting the notes well, but I’m not a fan of the song. Or the performance. I hate how the producers are randomly sticking contestants off to the side with a herd of young groupies. I think he’s better than this. Much better.

Lil Rounds- “What’s Love Got To Do With It”- it could be good. At least she looks younger this week. I feel like she’s dressed up like Tina Turner or Whitney Houston. It seems like a performance at a Halloween costume party. She missed a really big note. Nothing about tonight stood out. At least nothing stood out in a good way. She looked and sounded like she could be a backup singer with the band.

*** On a side note, my husband and I are wondering when they’re going to install a hidden door beneath Paula’s chair? And maybe add a timer so that after 2 minutes of incomprehensible gibberish she’ll just drop out of sight.

Anoop Desai- “True Colors”- say what?! Anoop’s tackling Cyndi Lauper? He’s better dressed tonight. Looks like he’s sporting a nice little Easter sweater vest. I think he’s hitting some pretty good notes. It was a very laid back performance and I think it was what he needed to stay another week. I don’t think it was fantastic but I wasn’t hitting the mute button.

Scott MacIntyre- “The Search Is Over”- what is he doing with a guitar?! This sounds like a Disney theme song. Is it a Disney theme song? Oh no. There are so many wrong notes. So many awkward moments. I don’t want to be mean. Let’s just say that I wouldn’t mind listening to Anoop again. Did Scott just say this was his “punk side”?! Wow.

Allison Iraheta- “I Can’t Make You Love Me “- she was born in 1992?! Let me make something clear. When contestants are choosing “birth” songs from 2000 and up, I’m no longer watching. My viewing pleasure has an expiration date. That being said, I love this song. I think Allison looks good. Her hair seems a little more fluorescent, but as long as they don’t turn on a black-light, she should be okay. She’s hitting great notes. For the first time, she doesn’t sound like an 80 year old and she isn’t screaming. Definitely my favorite performance by Allison.

Matt Giraud- “One Time Lovers”- how cute was that “Angels Aware” clip?! Stevie seems like a great choice for JT/Matt. I like that he’s singing without playing an instrument tonight. He looks good and he sounds good. He didn’t ruin it with crazy vibrato, and he even pulled off a few dance moves without looking like the white boy that he is. Nicely done.


If you are within 30 miles of Denton, you may have just heard a noise that made you move away from the windows. Don’t worry, it was only me. Sorry.

STUPID PAULA ABDUL and her STUPID RIDICULOUS COMMENTS that make the show run long.

Matt calmed me down long enough to find a link to the video. Thank you technology wizards of the world who love Adam and care about my mental health!

If you missed Adam’s performance, click right here.

Adam Lambert- “Mad World”- all I can say is that the lighting was beautiful, the song selection was ideal, the notes he hit were spot on, his performance was amazing, and he managed the perfect combination of restraint and power. Simon was the only judge with time to comment and his only comment was a standing ovation. And for those of you who are Adam-haters, you should know that tonight there was no screeching, no screaming, and the lights were too low to tell whether or not he was wearing eyeliner.

Adam has been so consistently great that I wonder if he’ll have a fall from grace or simply float through to the finale?

Bottom 3- Scott, Lil, Anoop.

Winner (even if you didn’t get to hear him)- Adam.

As always, you can go to BooMama’s site for more Idol reviews.


6 Responses to “American Idol- Top 8”

  1. Yes, isn’t modern technology something else. You think the stupid DVR would know that a show runs over or is behind due to other circumstances.

    I’m thinking Scott is packing up tomorrow.

  2. Jeannie.

    God Bless you and all your friends, family and neighbors. I nearly had heart failure when my DVR cut off.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  3. For the record, nope no guyliner. 😦

  4. I hopped over from Boo Mama’s. Loved your recap and my hubs and I have been rooting for the trap door thing for Paula since Season 1.

    I especially loved that you used the phrase ‘spot on’…I had just written something about that phrase in my blog post for today. I live in England so I hear it pretty much every day : )

    We don’t get the show til Thurs/Friday here but I watched Adam online…I’m a fan of his voice and thought he was awesome this week.

  5. I hope they install that hidden door for Paula! I’m over her, along with most of America!


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