American Idol- Top 8 Results

Is Paula wearing latex gloves? And why does Frankie Avalon have a mini mullett going on?

Flo Rida and Kelly Pickler? Seriously? The most random combination of performers EVER.

Bottom 3: Anoop, Scott, and Lil.

***Can I just point out those 3 were my picks last night?! See, America and I are tight like that.

Did Pickler have more plastic surgery? Her face doesn’t look like I remember. Her voice is unfortunately the same as the last time I heard her.

And the lowest number of votes goes to Scott.

Finally, America used their ears instead of their hearts to vote on the singing competition.

Oh no… those girl judges are gonna want to save him. Thank goodness the save has to be a unanimous decision. I’m so glad this second chance thing isn’t an option once we’re in the top 5.

Scott’s going home. I wonder who will get the sympathy vote next week?


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