American Idol- Top 7

It’s movie week and I’m excited! Why? Because I LOVE movies!

Quentin Tarantino is making an appearance. He’s a quirky guy who doesn’t seem to take crap from people. I hope he’s honest and blunt with the contestants.

Oh, they’re letting only two judges talk after each performance. Ha! If only we could pick which two… they could let three judges talk as long as one of them wasn’t named Paula.

Allison Iraheta- “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing/Armageddon”- oh, I can’t think of this movie without tearing up. The first few notes sound good. I don’t even know what she’s wearing and her hair is more neon and a little more mulletish than normal. Ugh. Whenever she tries to hit the big notes, she stinks. And she was just incredibly flat on a very big, very loud, note. What was that? I hated that performance.

Anoop Desai- “Everything I Do, I Do For You/Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”- the song is starting out pretty. His jacket, not so much. What is with the jackets he keeps wearing? And sorry to say but the sweaty upper lip has made a return to the stage. He really is hitting the notes well. It sounds nice and unforced and clean and consistent. I’m glad he didn’t take too much of Tarantino’s advice. I think I hear some “Whoop Anoop” happening in the audience.

*** Way to put Anoop on the spot and make him uncomfortable, Ryan.

Adam Lambert- “Born To Be Wild/Easy Rider”- I’m expecting an over the top performance with this song. Well, the guyliner and hair gel are back in full force. As are the upper octaves. He’s dancing, he’s jumping, he’s singing his little heart out. I’m impressed. Here’s the thing- I understand that some people hate him and I know that some of the notes he’s hitting are heard only by canines. But there’s no denying that he’s a great performer. Watching him is like watching a professional musician. He’s comfortable, he’s entertaining, and he’s worth the money.

Matt Giraud- “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman/Don Juan DeMarco”- ahhh, Johnny Depp. I love this movie. Matt’s bringing back the piano and I think that’s a smart choice. I think it sounds nice. It’s a pretty smooth song by nature. There are a few times he adds a little country twang to the song that I could live without. And there are a few notes that I don’t know if they were hit intentionally or mistakes… that doesn’t seem like a good sign!

*** Anyone else notice Simon making faces like he’s coughing up a hairball?

Danny Gokee- “Endless Love/Endless Love”- huh, no glasses? It’s starting off a little shy and weak, but that seems to be what he does every week. He picked up the strength in the middle of the song and he sounded beautiful. I don’t have much to say about it. It was pretty and I don’t think he’s in danger of going home but it didn’t rock my world.

Kris Allen- “Falling Slowly/Once”- oh, I LOVE this song. I love the entire soundtrack actually. I’m glad he went without the guitar. I think this week needs to be about his vocals. He looks good and he sounds great. It was a simple, gentle song and a classic performance and I love that he hit the last note.

Lil Rounds- “The Rose/The Rose”- I remember the first time I ever heard this song… it was at a Six Flags stage performance and I went home and scrounged my money to buy the cassette tape. Oh Lil. I wanted so much more from you. It seems like the competition has beaten her down. She used to have a great energy and it’s just not there anymore. I’m so bored by her now. The song was pretty but she just doesn’t stand out. I hate that Allison is more memorable than Lil.

Bottom 3- Anoop, Lil, Matt.

I’m scared that next week there will only be one girl left in the competition.

*** They still didn’t make it through all the phone numbers in time. I wonder if only one judge will get to talk next week?!


3 Responses to “American Idol- Top 7”

  1. I totally agree with what you said about Adam. He is comfortable on stage, he is entertaining, and it is like watching a professional.

  2. I had to come over here to second your elevator comment at BooMama. You nailed it. I was trapped in an elevator and wanted to scream.

    Then I get here and read the best thing I’ve read all night:

    ::I know that some of the notes he’s hitting are heard only by canines::


    I love it.

    I think we (for the most part) were on the same wavelength tonight! I didn’t get Kris, and I didn’t think Lil was awful, but other than that – same wavelength.

    Canines… HA!!!!

    Oh – and I vote for muting Ryan. If it wasn’t for Pauler, I’d have no one to make fun of. Then I would be sad.


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