American Idol- Top 7 Results

Ahh, those bottom 3 look familiar. Why? Oh yeah, because I picked them last night!

Glad to see Jennifer Hudson doing well. Never thought she was worthy of an Oscar, but the girl can sing!

Oh, Miley Cyrus. You have no idea how much you annoy me. Why? Because although your face looks beautiful tonight (probably the best I’ve ever seen you look) you still choose to sing a song without pronunciation and then proceed to headbang to the same country beat. If I were your hair stylist, I’d have to hurt you.

Lil and Matt. I think Matt is more deserving. He’s had a few rough spots, but there have been good weeks too. I don’t remember the last time I was cheering for Lil.

They only have one more week to use the save so I feel like they’ll use it no matter who is being sent home.

I can’t believe Matt had fewer votes than Lil.

BUT- he’s not going anywhere! Yahoo for the judges using the save!

Next week’s disco music. Should be interesting. You know, in a watching a car crash sort of way.


One Comment to “American Idol- Top 7 Results”

  1. I gotta watch disco night. When does Idol come on? No, I really don’t know:)

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