As a kid, my friends and I used to play “school” and we actually fought over who got to grade papers. There was a red pen involved. Sometimes cute little stickers for a job well done. Overall, it was fun.

It was also terribly deceiving. Because when I taught junior high students, I quickly learned that grading papers wasn’t so enjoyable. They were so much longer and more complex than I remembered. And there just seemed to be so many of them. I never pretended to teach a class of 120 friends.

So now I teach college graduate students. And guess what my least favorite part of the job is? Ding, ding! Grading papers.

Honestly, the only positive thing that comes from these papers is that they motivate me to do anything other than grade. My house is sparkling, I’ve caught up on reruns of shows I never watched to begin with, and I’ve started a new exercise program.

Maybe the problem is with the technology. I grade papers online. Maybe, just maybe, if I could use a super cool, brand new red pen (which would give me a legit reason to visit the office supply aisle!) to mark these pages up, maybe then I’d find the joy I had 20 years ago.



One Comment to “Ugh.”

  1. well….you could change the color of your font to red and then it could almost be as much fun as when you played school.
    You could get a wireless stylus that would write on your screen (in red) and that could make you think you were actually on paper.
    and then you could get cool little stickers to put on the papers as they show up on your screen. I guess that wouldn’t be good after that paper was gone, though, still being stuck on the screen. Kinda like whiteout to cover the goofs.
    Surely there’s a way to make it fun…but I’m glad you’ve started a new exercise program for procrastination!

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