American Idol- Top 7 Take Two

It’s disco night. Yuck. Expect me to spend more words on the outfits than the songs.

Oh- it appears that they’ve cut out the intro video clips so that the judges all get a chance to babble.

Lil Rounds- “I’m Every Woman”- what is she wearing?! Is that a one piece outfit? How do you get into that? It’s sad to me that Lil isn’t doing so hot. She’s not original, she’s not consistent, and she’s not improving. She needs to go home tomorrow. I have to add that Matt’s comment was simply: “Her butt’s too big to be wearing whatever she’s wearing.”

Kris Allen- “She Works Hard For The Money”- excited to see how he incorporates the guitar into disco night. It’s nice. It doesn’t sound like disco and for that, I’m a fan. I think Kris is the contestant who knows and shows best what type of artist he’d be. He takes all the different genres and sings them in a similar style. I can imagine him releasing an album that sounds exactly like he does on stage.

Danny Gokee- “September”- scruffy Gokee appearing on stage tonight. I’m nervous that this could be the most disco-y of the night. He has some funny moves that come out on the fast songs. He obviously learned to dance from church. It’s a good vocal, an okay performance, and a cruddy song. He always makes me smile though.

Allison Iraheta- “Hot Stuff”- wow. Who exactly is styling her and Lil? Is she wearing a black rubber dress over black rubber tights? Her hair looks much better tonight though. I hate the thing she does with her voice on the low notes. It’s almost like growling. She already has a rough voice, why does she try to make it sound harsher? Her movements are making me cringe. She seems to be doing a bit of a Steven Tyler impersonation. Let me just say that even if Abby has the most awesome voice in the world at age 16 (not likely based on the “Twinkle Twinkle” I heard today) I would never, NEVER, allow her to dress like Allison or to sing those lyrics. I’m surprised that Allison keeps trying to seem older than she is… she could have had a really good shot at being a new teen idol.

Adam Lambert- “If I Can’t Have You”- he looks like he could be cast in a new Men In Black movie. That’s a pretty impressive suit. I’m excited he didn’t go crazy with some type of “Staying Alive” tribute performance. He sounds exactly like he has for weeks- great, clear, controlled, and brilliant. Oh my goodness, the cameraman just showed a closeup of Paula’s trembling, pink-frosted, glossy lips. She’s such a sap. I want Simon to turn and punch her straight in the mouth when she starts acting crazy.

Matt Girbaud- “Staying Alive”- oh no. I expected it from Adam but not from Matt. No good. He’s pulling out the Timberlake dress and dance moves. It isn’t bad, he is hitting the notes, but he should definitely not put out a disco album. It was an entertaining performance. I think he was worth the save.

*** What is with Paula’s similes tonight? Shopping in the women’s department? Bowling strikes? Where does she come up with this stuff?

Anoop Desai- “Dim All The Lights”- the scruff is a nice change of pace. I like his outfit, I like the tone of his voice, and I think he sounds great. Something about tonight makes him seem like he’s more comfortable, like he’s actually having fun. I’m afraid I don’t like the song at all though. Oh, he missed that last note. Yikes.

Okay- I say Lil, Anoop, Matt will be the bottom 3. Same as last week. My guess is that Lil and Anoop are heading home.


2 Comments to “American Idol- Top 7 Take Two”

  1. Let’s hope those are the bottom 3 and the 2 going home!

  2. I think we all need to band together and send Paula home.

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