American Idol- Top 7 Results (Again!)

Two people are going home tonight! That means we’ll be down to the top 5 next week! Hip hip hooray!

I definitely like Paula better as a dancer/choreographer than as a judge.

Wow-this group dance/song seems like the most obvious example of lipsynching ever. Milli Vanilli included.

Whoa. Ryan just walked Lil to the side of the stage and then told her she was going home without any procrastination. What happened to the bottom 3? That was rough.

But. It does mean my prediction from last night is at least 1/2 correct.

Freda Payne is performing. Huh. Anyone else out there think that some of these “stars” wouldn’t make it past Hollywood week on Idol?

These old ladies don’t mind flaunting their boobs bodies, do they?

Is it just me or could Harry Wayne Casey be a double for James Gandolfini? Maybe that’s what he’s been doing since disco died.

Anoop’s in the bottom two. Yep. Not surprised.

And he’s joined by the unnaturally redheaded Allison. Perfect.

The licker of lips (aka David Archuleta) has returned to the Idol stage. I’m so glad Cook won.

Adios Anoop.

Make that 2/2 correct predictions. Brilliant job, voting audience, simply brilliant.


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