American Idol- Top 5

As I’m spending the evening in the middle of nowhere (Uvalde, TX), I’ve come to truly appreciate the benefits of the internet. This is a place where American Idol is not doing a great deal of business.

I was stunned to realize we were not planning our drive around making it to the house in time to watch it live. I was traumatized to realize it wasn’t even being recorded for when we arrived. And by the time I heard that not many people here have ever seen the show, nor care to, I was in a coma.

So, being as I won’t be home to watch it in all the feature length glory for another 48 hours, this will be a very brief commentary on the performances that I so gratefully watched them online.

Kris Allen- “The Way You Look Tonight”- he looks good. I like that he’s dressed appropriately for the theme. He sounds amazing. Seriously, amazing. It’s like tonight he decided to stop being the artsy-college kid and be a grown up. And I have a feeling his wife (along with countless others) was seriously swooning. He hit the last note beautifully and I’m officially crushing on him.

Allison Iraheta- “Someone To Watch Over Me”- she looks nice to night. It was hard for me to type that after weeks of belittling her hair and outfits. This is the first night I though she sounded wonderful. She didn’t scream, she didn’t rock it out, she just sang. And it was beautiful. For the first time, I think she may give the boys a run for their money.

Matt Giraud- “My Funny Valentine”- I think Matt started it out wonderfully. The mid to end was a little too fast for my taste. I think he did a great job with what he did. But I just don’t know if he can compete with the other boys.

Danny Gokey- “Come Rain Or Come Shine”- I think this may be the best fit vocally for Danny. He looked good, he sounded great, and he seemed to be having fun. I like that he roughed it up at the end and it didn’t stay boringly smooth. Impressive.

Adam Lambert- “Feeling Good”-  that entrance was perfect for an entertainer like Adam. Man he was amazing. He didn’t overdo it. Here’s the thing about Adam wrapping up the show- I feel like everyone else was a contestant and he was the guest performer. He already seems like a star.

I have no idea what the judges had to say, but I loved tonight. I love the Rat Pack. I loved the song choices tonight. The boys all dressed sharp and Allison looked beautiful.

This top 5 blows away all other seasons. They rocked it. I’m impressed and a little nervous.

Bottom 2- hate to say any of them but I’m going to go with Matt and Allison.


2 Comments to “American Idol- Top 5”

  1. I agree with you on pretty much everything, EXCEPT tthe part about Adam “not overdoing it”. Giggle. You were joking, right? 😉

    That said. Here’s my two (totally worthless) cents on the matter…

    I think AI is rigged. Well, maybe not “rigged” exactly, but I definitely think Simon has an agenda. One he pushes – heavily. I mean, he’ll say something negative about a performance (even if it was flawless – even if I think HE THINKS it was flawless) just to try to sway the voters. Take Allison for example. She was pretty darn close to perfection last night. Looked great, sounded amazing. Strong, pure power in her voice. What’s to complain about? Enter Simon, who claims she “doesn’t care about winning”. Ha! I think the man fancies himself a Puppeteer. Ooo ah ah… Pull the strings and watch America dance to my commands.

    It really irks me sometimes.

    Hmm. Perhaps I’m a tad too emotionally invested in this stinkin’ show. Whoops.

    • Kristy- I totally meant to specify that I didn’t think Adam overdid it vocally. Not in terms of performance!

      I agree with you about the agenda. Doesn’t Simon get a cut based on the Idol’s sales? If he does, I can’t help but imagine he pushes the people that he thinks has the most marketability (is that a word?!). With Allison being a minor, she won’t be able to sell much other than pure music for the next two years!

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