American Idol- Top 4

Top 4! Woo hoo!

Oh dear. I feel like the giant tower collapsing is not a good omen.

Slash is the mentor?! Um, is anyone else thinking we’ve come a long way since season 1 and the All-American girl- Kelly Clarkson?

Adam Lambert- “Whole Lot Of Love”- I was worried that with only 1 girl left there’d be no outfits to critique… thank you Adam. I get the rock and roll vibe, but I think the style went a little too far. A few too many studs on the stud himself. I’m not going to lie. This was not my favorite Adam performance. Probably because I don’t love the song. He hit the notes. He sounded rock ‘n rolly. He looks and sounds perfect for the hair band music scene. I do think it is impressive that he can pull off a hard core rock song and actually sound like a rocker and not like a karaoke singer.

*** Let me ask this question- has everyone else known all season that Kara looks/talks like Julia Roberts? Am I the last person to make that connection? Because I can’t look at her without thinking of Julia.

Allison Iraheta- “Cry Baby”- I can’t believe she went to Adam’s hair stylist. I’m glad someone attempted to tone down the Strawberry Shortcake thing she had going on. It still makes me cringe though. Wonder if she went to Adam’s wardrobe girl too?! I hate the pants/boots. Um, I’m just not a huge fan of Allison’s. I liked her so much better when she sang softly and beautifully. This just seemed screechy and loud and overdone. Uh oh. She started talking back and arguing with the judges. That knocked her down another step in my opinion. The attitudes always come out when they know they weren’t great.

Kris and Danny- “Renegade”- duet time… interesting. These are two boys that aren’t expected to put out rock albums. I’m surprised that Kris seems more rock and roll than Danny. To me, this really felt like two college boys hitting the karaoke bar together. But maybe that’s just because of the cheesy background that was playing.

Kris Allen- “Come Together”- I think it’s a smart move for him to sing the Beatles. Kind of soft rock. Holy cow… can you imagine playing guitar with Slash? I wish he had borrowed a little of Adam’s style for this performance. This obviously isn’t his ideal musical genre, but I think he pulled it off. He sounded good, he looked cute, and he hit notes. I don’t think it would have worked as well if he hadn’t played guitar.

Danny Gokey- “Dream On”- uh oh, I love Aerosmith. I don’t want him to mess it up. I don’t want to hate it. He’s starting out a little rocky. That first long note that slid up through the octaves sounded horrible. This doesn’t sound good to me. I think Adam could have pulled this off. Danny sounds awful. That last note terrified me. It sounded like a primal scream. It sounded like those chains started choking him. If Steven Tyler was dead, he’d roll over, stand up and punch Danny. It just wasn’t him. He’s soft and smooth and jazzy and this song was none of that. I think I’m out on Danny this week. See how he started to argue and then said forget it. That’s why I still favor him over Allison in terms of personality.

Adam and Allison- “Foghat Slow Ride”- well, no matter what happens during this duet, at least their hairstyles are complimentary! 16 year old girls apparently don’t have a lot of rock and roll dance moves other than stomping a foot and shaking their shoulders. Oh, and an occasional head nod. The duet was way more rock and roll than Danny and Kris. But there were times it felt like they were just hitting random notes and hoping to meet in the middle. It was a solid rock performance. Not awesome. Solid.

Bottom two? I don’t know. Allison and Danny? Danny and Kris? Allison and Kris?


3 Comments to “American Idol- Top 4”

  1. LOL. I had a similar reaction to the night although for once I didn’t mind arguing with the judges. Allison seemed to be respectful and was explaining her choices, but then as I said in my own recap, she can hardly do wrong in my book. 🙂 I still think Adam took the night, though.

    I had the same reaction to Danny’s song. I love Aerosmith, and that was frightening.

    Enjoyed the recap! 🙂

  2. I couldn’t even pick anyone for the bottom. I too love Aerosmith, but that performance by Danny blew-big time.

  3. I thought Danny TOTALLY did the primal scream thing tonight!

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