American Idol- Top 3

Top 3. All boys.

I feel like having no girls may make for a less cheesy original song for the winner. At least, I’m hoping for that.

Danny Gokey- “Dance Little Sister”- so he’s got the raspy thing going, which I think is his best vocal attribute, and he has some scruffiness happening, but I’m just not digging the song. It makes me feel like I’m trapped in an elevator with a soundtrack that keeps skipping. And I’m not going to lie, the dancing and the singoff with the saxophone didn’t improve my mood. I’ve loved him from the beginning but I felt bored.

Kris Allen- “Apologize”- I’m a sucker for a man who can play piano. or guitar. or drums. basically, a musician. His voice is perfect for this song. He sounds good, he looks good, in my opinion he rocked it. I think this is the first time where he looks like he really belongs on that stage. With a huge crowd of screaming fans. Everything just seemed to fit for him tonight.

Adam Lambert- “One”- more specifically, I’m a sucker for musicians who belong to a band that goes by the name of U2. Have I mentioned that I’ll be hanging with Bono in October?! I like that Adam has a more clean look this week. He looks younger. You’d think I’d be used to hearing him hit those high notes, but I’m not. I’m not over Adam. And I’ll never be over Bono. Ffor two minutes tonight, the two were joined together and I can’t stop smiling.

Danny Gokey- “You Are So Beautiful”- after the other song, I’m glad he’s doing a slow, calm song. I’m going to be honest, it started out pretty, but it felt like there was no power behind the clean notes. But then he hit the middle, which is always where he picks up his stride, and it got good. When he stood up off that stool at the end, it got great.

Kris Allen- “Heartless”- are you serious?! He’s pulling out Kanye? Wow. I was nervous, but I love it. I couldn’t even type while he was singing. I love everything about Kris tonight- the piano, the guitar, the style, the vocals, the different song choices. I finally put my finger on it- he seems confident. And he hasn’t seemed that way before. I don’t know why it kicked in but I’m glad it did. I love him. I don’t want him to go anywhere. Any chance we could all work together to cause 70 million votes to result in a tie?!

Adam Lambert- “Cryin'”- could there be two better singers for him to pay tribute to tonight? Seriously- Bono AND Steven Tyler?! He has the perfect amount of rocker vibe going without seeming like he belongs in a cover band. I (for obvious reasons) love “One” more, but he did nothing other than rock this song tonight. Tyler should adopt him.

Bottom- Danny. That’s all I can say.


One Comment to “American Idol- Top 3”

  1. bye, bye danny…..

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