American Idol- The Final Two

Hooray! We made it to the finals!!! I mean, Kris and Adam made it 🙂

I don’t know what has happened to Paula’s hair, but I really like that color of green on her… even with the spray tan.

They’re already planning on running long tonight. It’s nice that they finally admit there is no way they’ll finish within 60 minutes… and it doesn’t bother me a bit because I’m recording the new show (Glee) afterwards!

Adam Lambert- “Mad World”- ahh, the song that was cut off the last time Idol ran long. Nice of him to do it again live for those of us who had to watch it on youtube. Hmm… there’s a lot of smoke machine action happening. And with the long black jacket he reminds me a little bit of the ghost of Christmas Future. The song sounds good. It’s soft and nice, but it wasn’t my favorite performance ever. I’m betting he gets a little louder, a little crazier, and a little better with each of the 3 songs tonight.

Kris Allen- “Ain’t No Sunshine”- I love this song. I love when Kris plays piano. I really hope he does 1 song with piano, 1 with guitar, and 1 just singing tonight… that would show his versatility. I truly believe his instrumental ability is his upper hand over Adam. I like the t-shirt/vest combo, he looks natural up there. The song sounds good, the tempo is right, it’s just nice. Sweet and simple.

*** I think it’s interesting that these boys are the top 2 this year. Two completely different guys with unbelievably different personalities and performance styles. Adam is artistic and over the top and dramatic and Kris is calm and gentle and musical.

Round 1- repeat performance- winner: Kris Allen.

Adam Lambert- “Change Is Gonna Come”- ooh, great song choice for him. I love the way he delivered the first line. I love the suit. Truthfully, I adore the suit. I don’t think there could be a better suit/hair combo for Adam. It’s the cutest I’ve seen him look. Did I say cutest? I meant most beautiful. Sexiest. Attractive. Hott. (Yes, I intended two “t’s” to be on Hot.) Wow. This song is perfect for him. It has soul. It has range. It has a soft melody. And he rocked every single, stinking second of it. I have completely forgotten his first performance. Brilliant. Bloody BRILLIANT.

Kris Allen- “What’s Going On”- I love acoustic sets and I love when there are a few musicians on stage with the singer. I look at Kris and I think, “Man. That guys is so relaxed.” That’s it- he just doesn’t look nervous at all to me. Having unbelievable stage fright myself, I don’t know how you get to that point. This was a good song- especially with the social commentary lyrics- but I don’t think it was his best. I thing he sang well but it wasn’t powerful enough. Not his fault though, it was just a low key song.

Round 2- producer’s pick- winner: Adam Lambert.

*** Looking at those 8 finalists huddled around Ryan makes me incredibly happy that none of them are still in it!

Adam Lambert- “No Boundaries”- this song and the music is not his style. I mean, he’s making it as rock and roll as he can, but it’s so cheesy. I can not articulate how tired I am of songs with the whole “the lesson is in the journey” lyric themes. Ugh. Anyway, Adam performed well. Considering what he had to work with. He is not meant to be a Disney role model. And he obviously knows that. I wish he could have ended after round 2.

Kris Allen- “No Boundaries”- dude, I totally called it on the piano/guitar/solo thing. This song fits Kris so much better than Adam. He seems way more of an “inspirational” artist. There are some pitchy parts though. I can’t help but wonder if two different singers trying out the same song and encountering the same vocal issues proves that the song sucks? Okay. It was okay. It wasn’t amazing but it was okay.

Round 3- original song- winner: the person who got paid for writing a stupid song.

It’s a tight race people. A very close call, indeed. The only other season that seemed this close was the 2 Davids and I hated the younger David. This time I’m torn. I’ll tell you, regardless of who wins, I’ll be buying both albums.


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