The Graduate

I went to Oregon for a very specific reason- to watch my brother graduate from law school.

It’s no secret that I look up to Dean. I’m an almost 30 year old wife and mother and I’m still in awe of my big brother. When I was little I thought he could do anything… and 36 years later he still hasn’t proven me wrong.


He and Amanda are one of the most perfectly matched couples I’ve met. I love watching them together.

Dean and Amanda

Other than seeing Dean walk the stage, I spent a lot of my time snuggling with the little ones that I hadn’t seen in a year. I can not wait to see Abby play with these three- they all have such unique, fun personalities. And I’m pretty certain we only have about 6 years before Georgia, Abby, and Autumn join together and give us all a run for our money!

Ashe ran a jog-a-thon while I was there. Basically, he ran 4.25 miles in 1 hour. That’s pretty dang far for an almost 3rd grader!

This is his “I’m a serious runner” face:


And this is his “Why am I the only one still running?” look:


And this is his “I’m just as serious when on a scooter” face:


Georgia, being a 5 year old girl, is much less serious.


Gum seems to be an easy way to make her happy.


And Baby Autumn is not much of a baby these days.


Her curls are completely natural and I’m jealous.


I love watching my brother and his girls. Especially when they all manage to look so serious. (And that’s the rear end of Autumn’s toy rat on Dean’s shoulder.)

Dean and girls


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