My baby. Talking about our baby.

As Matt put Abby to bed last night (an event in itself), he had an interesting interaction with her. The encounter was so unbelievably Abby that Matt decided to write out the story for me to put on the blog.

Now yes, Matt did actually write with pen and paper, but his intention was for it to be seen here. That’s like mental blogging!

Here’s what happened, in Matt’s words:


I told Abby she could only come out of her room if she needed to go potty. She said, “Okay Daddy.”

Two minutes later, her door opens and she comes walking into the bathroom.

Abby sat on the potty while I told her that if she didn’t really need to go, she was going to be in trouble for getting out of bed.

She looked up, higher than my head, and said, “I need more tinkle. Much more.”

I questioned her, “What?”

And she said, “No, not you. Lord. I’m talking to the Lord.”


So there you have it.

Matt’s contribution to the blogosphere.

And more proof that our kid is crazy.

And I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world.

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3 Comments to “My baby. Talking about our baby.”

  1. I love it! Now, I personally have never asked the Lord for more tinkle, I’m sure my daughters could definitely relate to NEEDING more!

  2. CUTE!

    Absolutely cute.

    The things that come out of that girls mouth are always so entertaining!

  3. perfectly ridiculous

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