For some reason Matt decided to dress Abby in one of his shirts instead of actual pjs last night. I didn’t mind a bit because there’s something about a little girl wearing a grown man’s shirt that makes me smile.

I remember using my grandfather’s shirts as nightgowns when I was little, and then later using my brother’s shirts when he left for school, and even though I was nowhere near “little” I spent a good bit of time in Matt’s shirts when I was pregnant.

They’re comfortable. They’re soft. They’re security clothes instead of blankets. Plus she looks adorable in them.

If she never wants to sleep in anything else, I’ll understand.

Photo Project- June 10 2009 002

Another sweet thing is this house. It’s my Denton dream house. It’s big and old and beautiful and it lives on Oak Street.

It also happens to be for sale- you know, just in case you were trying to think of a really awesome anniversary present for us!

Photo Project- June 10 2009 005


One Comment to “Sweetness”

  1. The house will be yours as soon as my lottery check comes clears the bank.

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