From Rags to Riches

Yesterday Matt and I went and helped clean up the neighborhood middle school with our church. I much prefer to work with my hands when someone is in need (which is why I loved my Habitat for Humanity trip so much) and this was the perfect opportunity. We worked side by side with some old friends, met new people from the church and the community, and enjoyed sweating it out together. The Village Church will be hosting two more Saturdays at three different schools so if you’re interested in getting involved- let me know!


After getting cleaned up, we went out to a fancy dinner with Keri and Brian. When I say fancy, I mean fancy schmancy. Over the top, unbelievably, crazy fancy.


We had the chance to go eat at Fearing’s Restaraunt in the Dallas Ritz Carlton Hotel and I’m so glad we did.

Not only did we get to dress up in nice clothes and have adult conversations without worrying about kids, but we were also able to have the most amazing meal of our lives.

It was so good it could have been a last supper. In fact, if anyone ever makes the mistake of asking for my last supper choice- tell them this is what I want.

We sat in the chef’s room of the restaurant which allowed us to meet Dean Fearing himself. And since we couldn’t pick a meal off the menu- they all sounded great- he suggested a chef sampler.

Basically the chefs put together a seven course dinner of some of the restaurant’s best foods.

Being a lover of Top Chef, I was in heaven.

Being an ordinary housewife, I can’t even pronounce half the things I ate.

What I can tell you is the main ingredient of each course. It began with a sweet corn amuse bouche (very fun words to say) that was somehow both sweet and incredibly spicy. Then after that there was a yellow fin tuna ceviche, a lobster coconut bisque with a lobster wonton, a spicy shrimp taco, scallops and short ribs, a buffalo tenderloin, and a cheese plate with the most delicious piece of honeycomb on it.

I have never eaten yellow fin tuna, scallops, or buffalo so it was a night of firsts. Surprisingly enough, the tuna and the lobster bisque were my favorites. I’ve never been a sushi person but if there really is sushi that tastes like that tuna did, count me in.

To make the blessings even more bountiful, each course was served with a wine ideally suited to the flavor of the food. It was crazy to see all the different glasses that are used for each wine. I’m not much of a wine drinker (I’m not much of a drinker at all) so I appointed myself the designated driver, but even I will admit there were some amazing things happening in those glasses. Especially one white wine (a La Petiti something) that smelled so good I would like to ask for all the corks to be sent my way for my sniffing pleasure!


And because the night was truly unbelievable, we finished it off with four desserts that were amazing- a chocolate ice cream crunch cake (with rice crispies!), a sorbet trio with almond streussel cake, a butterscotch custard, and a spectacular strawberry shortcake.

chocolate cake

And because fancy doesn’t end when you walk out the door, they sent us home with a little box full of delicious cookie bites. Waking up to this tiny box made my morning.


It was a meal that I will dream about for years to come.


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