Ed is Dead

I feel like I’ve waited an appropriate amount of time before making this post. If you watch the Bachelorette but you’re one of those people who wait like 6 long days before actually watching it, then stop reading now.

For the rest of you- I understand some women were cheering for Ed. And yes, I get it. If you like the typical tall, dark, and handsome guy, then he was your man.

But please, own up to what happened this week- Ed failed us. He failed you and me and Jillian. Three very important women.

Here’s my take on it- he wimped out. Times got tough and Ed skedaddled.

And honestly, what was he thinking when he signed up? Did he not tell his boss to plan on him being gone for the 3 months it takes to film the whole thing? Because if you aren’t going on the show hoping to make it until the end, then what are you doing? (Wes excluded. We all know what he’s doing on the show.)

So, here’s what I think. All of you Team Ed fans should see the light and come over to my side. Team Reid.

Why am I asking you to cheer for the highly underrated Reid? Because he’s the dark horse. The quiet, unassuming, funny, cute, I’m-not-going-to-force-you-to-make-out-with-me-or-listen-to-my-stupid-country-song guy.

Not to mention that with his glasses and his little lopsided smirk, he looks exactly like Chandler Bing.

And while Chandler Bing is not “officially” a real person, Matthew Perry is, and Reid looks like him.

Reid has Matthew Perry’s looks and Chandler Bing’s zany one-liners and a pair of glasses that I’m certain both Matthew and Chandler wear.

I love all three of them (Reid, Matthew, and Chandler) and I think you should too.

Oh, and Jillian. Her too. I hope she loves him too.


4 Comments to “Ed is Dead”

  1. I’m not watching the show, but my mom & sister told me someone I went to school with is on there- Jake. From good ‘ole Denton.

    • He is! Jake from Denton. I think on the show they say he’s from “Dallas” but his online bio tells the truth 🙂 He’s apparently a commercial pilot now. Tell your mom and sister that Reid rocks!

  2. Too soon. Too soon.

  3. i love reid too, however after the last show….i’m a little bit of a fan of jesse….i just love his spirit! and she’s so cute with him! my friend courtney was a big jake fan, then realized he’s from denton, and now we’re hoping he gets booted and we can get his number for her…:):) my vote is jesse or reid….:)

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