Sweet Chores

In the last post I admitted we make our munchkin do a little yard work from time to time.

Did I mention that we also make her work in the kitchen? No? Well, we do.

She loves the kitchen. She loves to measure and mix. So we let her.

And luckily for her, all I ever want to make are baked goods.

This morning I woke up with an unbelievable desire for brownies and one of Granny’s day-after-Thanksgiving-turkey sandwiches.

I thought that Granny (as cool and amazing as she is) might not be in the mood to cook a turkey and then let it cool and then put it on white bread with mayo and mustard and bring it to me with a glass of milk and one of her homegrown dill pickles, so I concentrated on the brownie issue.

Brownies with cookie dough on top were the perfect answer.

Lucky for Abby.


mixing 2

the chef

spoon licker

And yes. Yes, she is wearing her pajamas. I told you I woke up wanting this food. There’s no need to wait when you already know what you want!


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