Trains, Feet, and Wes (aka Tonight’s Bachelorette Episode).

I spent this evening alternately laughing and screaming at my television. All thanks to Jillian and the guys.

Here are a few of the reasons:

1. The producers actually arranged the opportunity for Jillian to kick a guy off a train in the middle of nowhere. Poor Robby. Most guys get to leave the show with a little dignity while their bags are silently removed from the house. Not him. They made the kid stand on the side of the tracks and even wave goodbye to the other 7 guys.

The cruelty was only acceptable because hearing Robby say, “I’m bummed I just got kicked off the train” was hilarious. And because the funny break-dance instructor actually shed tears over Robby leaving. Not tears over Jillian, tears over Robby. A bromance at its finest.

2. Tough love tonight for the 10 people that still thought Wes was a good guy. Wes admitted to the camera that he had records to sell and “could taste the fame” coming from this experience. If I hadn’t thrown my chips at the tv because of that comment, I would have thrown them when he said that he’d “always have Jillian wrapped around his finger.” If he does have a cd, and you buy it (or even listen to it), consider our friendship strained.

3. That disgusting foot fetish thing of Tanner P.’s was brought up again. But this time Jillian was wearing socks, boots, and snowshoes. The guy was still trying to get close to her feet while they were protected like Fort Knox. He should be set up on a date with an amputee. Maybe then he could pay attention to something above a girls ankles. Then again, maybe he’d be ecstatic to pick out some artificial feet.

4. Reid approached the train employees for dating advice. I LOVED how he was nervous about whether or not to wear his glasses. And the sage guy with the wine who told him to voice his affection was adorable.

5. Did anyone else notice Jillian wearing red boots? Because all I could think about was Footloose. And those red boots only caused trouble for Ariel.

6. How many guys have dropped their pants on camera this season? Because I’ve lost count.

7. Tanner actually knows that there is a nail color called Mango Mango. And apparently if you paint your toenails with it, your foot rating increases by a 1/2 to a full point.

8. Reid is a neurotic germophobe hypochondriac. That’s okay though. Because he had the guts to tell Jillian, “You weren’t on my list.” And that is only one more reason that you should be Team Reid.

9. What kind of town is named “Banff?” Only in Canada.

10. Do you think Chris Harrison wants to slap Jillian into understanding the truth about Wes? I do. I bet he goes home, looks at his wife, and says, “She’s an idiot. A completely gullible idiot.”

11. The 3 guys that went home tonight were all from Texas. The only person left representing Texas is Wes. And because of that, I’d like to remind everyone that I was born in Washington.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jake is the next bachelor. And I’m okay with that… even though when he said there was a “flimsy guy” they showed Reid’s face.


3 Comments to “Trains, Feet, and Wes (aka Tonight’s Bachelorette Episode).”

  1. I love Jake. Not Reid. Jake. She was stupid to let him go. Just think of all the free places he could have taken her! Gee that alone would be enough for me to keep him on longer!!!

  2. I would love to be a fly on the wall while you are watching these shows!

  3. i love your commentaries! they make me laugh…and i’m soooo with you on all those points! i was very sad about jake…he’s not my first pick, but i was very surprised she let him go already…especially with michael still there. and you didn’t say anything about jesse! i still love jesse…though reid is about tied with him in my opinion! šŸ™‚

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