The Slimeball

My issue with the bachelorette’s latest episode is simple:

Why is Wes so icky and gross? Why? Why does he have to be the worst slow talking country singer ever? Why couldn’t he be from Nashville instead of Austin?

The only other problems I had were:

Could the producers please stop having people knock on the door and “surprise” the bachelor/bachelorette? Because they did it last season and it seems a little ridiculous for it to keep happening. Although I would like to give them a shout out for squeezing two “surprises” into one night. Impressive.

Kiptyn’s date tried to reenact the hot tub scene. Gross. I had to fast forward. I can’t watch any more hot tub situations.

Did Jesse seem a little less attractive once you saw his family? Because his brother seemed to highlight his flaws for me.

Watching Jillian stand there and grin from ear to ear while Wes’ band had some free airtime promotion made me want to puke. She looked so happy and clueless. He looked so proud and cocky.

When Jake told Wes to “listen to what I’m saying, brother” I suddenly pictured Hulk Hogan. He’s the only person who can drop “brother” into a sentence when not talking to a family member.

And Michael- what was with that last speech? He called Jillian “that girl” about 12 times in 2 minutes.

Other than that, all I can say is that I was so happy with Reid’s date. I loved that his family isn’t used to seeing him be so affectionate with a girl- it means he isn’t a slimeball. And I was jumping for joy when she called his name first!

(If your name is Laurel and you live in Austin and you thought Wes was your boyfriend until you heard him talking last night, I’m sure you’re a nice girl, but what are you thinking? And has he always been so slimy?)


4 Comments to “The Slimeball”

  1. Wes is arrogant and cocky! He got publicity alright but not the kind I think he wanted.

  2. yes.
    yes. and

    p.s.: Ed is back! Love him.

  3. haha omg ya Jesse’s cuteness went downhill when I saw his brother! Yipes!
    In my blog I wrote how I thought he looked like a fat mountain-man version of Woddy Harrelson! lol what a weirdo…
    anyhoo like your blog!

  4. jesse was my #1 pick until we saw the family. i was weirded out with the jam session and creepy dancing by the mom. so sad. but i guess that’s why the homedates are so important.

    reid has moved back to his previous #1 slot….

    and wes is so gross. blah. texas is getting such a bad rap!

    kiptyn is like a great guy, but seems unimpressive. i have nothing really bad to say…but for some reason he just kinda hangs out in the back of my mind.

    and ed has moved into my #2 slot…

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