Missing a Guilty Pleasure

Sure, some people wrote it off as silly or as a cheap 90210 copy. Not me. And even though I didn’t watch the last two seasons- mainly because Abby came along- here are the top 5 reasons I miss watching The O.C.:

1.The music. Give credit where credit is due. The O.C. offered some great soundtracks… especially for a teenage dramedy. If you didn’t pay attention to the show for the plot, you should have at least been listening to the music.

2. Adam Brody. His stuttering (mostly improvised) one liners and nerdy cuteness drew me to the show from the beginning and kept me until the end.

3. Tate Donavan. Ah, if I didn’t already love him for matching Sandra Bullock’s sweetness in Love Potion No. 9, I would have loved him for playing the boyish dad of Marissa Cooper.

4. Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows. Every single time that man was in a scene, all I did was watch his eyebrows. So bushy. So expressive. So very comical. I don’t remember what the rest of his face looks like but I miss those eyebrows.

5. The talking. Like Scrubs and The Gilmore Girls, fast talking and quick wit are a huge part of The O.C.  With 2 of the 3 already gone, I’m feeling a little underwhelmed by the conversations on scripted tv right now.

That’s it. Anyone else missing a show that you probably shouldn’t have watched in the first place?

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