The Bachelorette in Spain

I need to start tonight’s post with a question- are all those clothes Jillian’s or does she get a wardrobe to choose from? Because there were a few outfits and many shoes that made an appearance tonight that I’d like to see in my own closet. So if you happen to know where Jillian shops or you work in the wardrobe department for abc, send me a note!

Kiptyn- I know there are a lot of Kiptyn fans out there, but I’m not one of them. Sure, he’s cute in a very boyish sort of way, but something about him just isn’t right. Matt thinks the problem is his name. Maybe, maybe not. His date with Jillian seemed awkward to me. They looked a little rigid and strained. And it seemed almost like they kept giving little pecks to each other because they didn’t know what else to do. Or maybe because they think it’s expected. The dancing seemed unromantic (as all dancing that is learned in 5 minutes and performed in tight clothes in front of strangers seems) and the scooter ride looked slow and uncomfortable- especially the parking at the end. I’m glad she skipped the overnight with him.

Reid- Do I need to write anything? Probably not. He’s adorable. Matt thinks there might be something wrong with the fact that I’m “so into a reality star who resembles a tv star.” Regardless, Reid and Jillian looked incredibly comfortable together. The picnic was sweet and exactly the type of date I’d want to go on in Spain. I love that he tried to speak Spanish and that he said “gracias” as often as he could. Did I already say he was adorable? Because he is. I think he deserves extra points for acting like a gentleman and still keeping his sense of humor. And I love that he doesn’t throw around the love word.

Ed- Ed is walking a very thin line for me. He bailed on her once and I don’t trust him not to do it again. Their date was pretty limited to walking around and kissing. Apparently they were trying to make up for the vast amount (2 whole weeks) of time they spent apart. I’m probably going to infuriate the Ed fans (you Keri!) by saying that he was a little bit of jerk and kind of slimy at dinner. He made a few comments (and yes, I’m sure he meant them as jokes) about how great he is and then he looked annoyed when she said no to the fantasy suite. I felt like he kind of pushed her into it. Then he made a comment to the camera about how he “came back for her and gave up a lot for her” and it bothered me. It seemed prideful and arrogant. But then again, maybe I’m just mad because he’s Reid’s competition.

Wes- I can’t believe he has made it this far. Makes me want to puke. During his first sentence on camera this week he mentioned the “music scene in Barcelona” and a song on his “second CD hitting #1.” I don’t like Wes at all. Not a single, tiny bit. He’s rude and aloof and selfish. And maybe it’s just me, but I’m not a big fan of guys who call you “girl” all the time instead of using your name. I can’t imagine how Jillian’s family feels when watching these shows. If I want to punch him in the face, how strongly are they reacting? And he basically flaunted the fact that he’s gotten publicity from the show and there’s nothing she can do about that. By the way, I puked a little in my mouth when he said “Numero uno is the most important thing,” and then he turned around and suggested they spend the night together.

And in case anyone can make it happen, I think that The Bachelorette deserves some type of award for the dramatic music leading up to the “girlfriend… I mean, ex-girlfriend” comment.

The most dramatic rose ceremony ever- OH. MY. GOODNESS. Wes’ true colors came flying through tonight. He couldn’t even be bothered to button his shirt, much less put on a tie for the ceremony. What a creep. What a jerky, gross, rude, icky, disgusting, crappy dresser of a creep. Thank goodness Jillian finally got smart. The limo ride was disgusting. At least now we can watch a few creep-free weeks of the show!

By the way- Jillian moved up a few points for me by turning down the overnight dates.


3 Comments to “The Bachelorette in Spain”

  1. Lol! I could have written this. I missed Jillian’s date with Kiptyn this last Monday, but saw the rest. I’ve liked him from the beginning, but the episode with his mom changed my feelings. She was scary!

    Reid is really sweet and I’m not sure Ed should have been given a second chance.

    Wes… YUCK! Do you think that all could have possibly been staged? You know, to boost ratings or whatever. It just all seemed a little scripted, especially the whole Jake episode.

    I love that you’re writing about this. I’ll have to check back after next week to get your views.

  2. Her outfits are mostly from Aritzia or TNA in Vancouver. Not sure about every piece or the shoes, but I have seen the majority of her pieces there!

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