Season of Change

Our normally boring and mundane household will be a little shaken up in the coming months. We’re looking for a new (to us) car and a new (to us) house. Matt will be slowly moving into his dream position by working as an assistant golf coach. Abby has had some crazy good news in terms of modeling. And I have a dream in my heart.

A dream that is too new and tender and fragile to put into words. It came out of nowhere and took me by surprise so if it comes to fruition it won’t be my doing.

In the meantime, in this season of waiting and hoping and praying and planning and dreaming, I need to be reminded to slow down and enjoy what is here in front of me. I need to remember that God is not biting His fingernails worrying about getting everything done and neither should I.

And with my tiny little sliver of a dream, I need to remember that if His answer is no, it’ll be okay.

Which is why I encourage you to follow this link and read Stuff Christians Like. Because there are days when I read something and it speaks directly to me. And this is one of those days.


2 Comments to “Season of Change”

  1. I’ll be praying for your dream to have the answer you need.

  2. Hi, I came over from SCL. I too felt Jon’s post today spoke directly to me. I’m in a strange place in my life not knowing what I’m suppose to do now. Been praying about it for around 4 years. I’m calling this time my “Season of Freedom” since I’ve retired from my job after 20 years, raised my son, and helped care for MIL with Alzheimers until she passed away. Now what? I’m not bored since I have many hobbies and things to keep me busy, but just uncomfortable sometimes feeling I should be doing something important. This must be my desert road and God is protecting me from some kind of war. I’ll rest in that.

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