It’s Raining Men- Hallelujah!

Brothers are different from fathers. Fathers can be fun and cool, but they also have to discipline you. Big brothers are like the grandparents of an immediate family- all the fun, none of the spankings.

I have an older brother. A very cool, very wise, very creative older brother. He may have gotten me in some trouble now and then, but he also protected me when it really mattered.

So when I imagined having a family, the oldest child would be a boy. And then if a daughter came along, he would be for her what my brother was for me.

It was all very clear to me. A high-def image of my future.

Four years ago I found out I was pregnant. And months before the doctor could tell, I knew it was a girl.

I was terrified. I hadn’t planned for a girl. In fact, I hadn’t even considered it an option.

I wondered if I could adopt a young son before my pregnancy was over. My husband said I was being irrational.

We are now 3 years into raising a daughter. But it wasn’t until recently that I felt completely at peace with the fact that she doesn’t have an older brother.

And I hate to say it, but it took me this long to realize God’s plan was much, much better than my own.

I wanted Abby to have one big brother.

I wasn’t dreaming big enough. Because instead of one brother, God gave Abby an army of men to protect her.

She has three of the best uncles a girl could ask for and a whole slew of friends waiting to take her under their wings.

Abby spent time jumping in the pool with three of those great guys this weekend. God is good.

Abby & C

Abby & A

Abby & Josh

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