The Bachelorette in Hawaii

Only three boys left tonight. Well, Jillian is starting the night with three. Hopefully the producers won’t send another rejected bachelor to knock at her door.

Kiptyn- Seriously- how many heights/rope courses has Jillian done during these dates? Do you really discover the love of your life by seeing how fast he can buckle a harness around his groin and jump off a ledge? Something about Kiptyn just rubs me the wrong way. After weeks of trying to pinpoint it-  I think it’s his voice… it’s a little high and feminine to me. I think that’s it. Maybe. But then again, I often think Jillian sounds like she has a cold. So maybe they’re a perfect match.

Reid- So they went for a helicopter ride. It’s Jillian’s 3rd or 4th of the season, right? Well, at least she didn’t make Reid bungee jump out of it. The two of them seem to have better kissing chemistry than Jillian does with Kiptyn. And I’m not going to lie, I love that they keep going on picnics together but I do think the date planning committee for the show is slacking off. My man is struggling with putting the words out there that Jillian wants to hear, but I still think he’s the right one. I’m hoping Jillian thinks it too.

Ed- What was he wearing? Maybe he has just never worn anything other than a suit because the tank top and the green swimming shorts took me by surprise. I think it’s funny when people on these shows say lines like Ed’s, “It felt like we were the only people in the world” because there was obviously a cameraman two inches from their face and another person underwater near their feet. I’m curious whether Ed paid for his family’s trip to Hawaii on his own or not. Because that would be impressive. I can not believe they showed her coming out of the bathroom in that outfit and then giving each other a massage. Talk about an awkward moment to have some fat ugly man with a camera and Dorito breath standing in the room with you. Um, the night didn’t exactly go as they planned. Enough said.

Were those jellybeans on Chris Harrison’s tie? And man, those “last chance” videos were cheesy and blah. I felt embarrassed for the guys.

The rose ceremony- wow- Ed really pulled out his Miami Vice wardrobe this week. I’d send him home based solely on clothing. (And I’m married to a man who owns a powder blue tuxedo!)

Oh. My heart is broken. Truly broken. I’m out. No more bachelor or bachelorette for me. This is it.

I will forever be Team Reid. He deserves better.


3 Comments to “The Bachelorette in Hawaii”

  1. I think you couldn’t have expressed yourself better- but, I am a Reid fan also. I think Ed’s ‘problem” on the overnite was from a day date and family meeting wearing “invasive” shorts!!
    And yes, Don Johnson sent out an alert for his suit to be returned. Thanks for the laughs!!

  2. Oh Jeannie, how has it taken me so long to know about your blog?

    And don’t even play like you won’t keep watching. I mean, you have to keep up the reviews, right?

  3. There is no way you are out. No way.

    Except that you always take challenges like that and then go through with them just to prove you can when people like me and Amber here above me tell you that there is no way you are out. So I guess we’ll see…

    I mean, Reid had to know that they say, they say that love, it don’t come easy….He had fair warning.

    Finally finished the book, by the way. Loved.

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