The Dancing by Melissa and Ade

If you’ve never seen the show So You Think You Can Dance, then let me introduce you.

This was a contemporary dance performed tonight by two amazing dancers. The choreographer’s vision was to show a woman diagnosed with breast cancer and the friend supporting her.

It hit a little too close to home for me but I loved every second.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


3 Comments to “The Dancing by Melissa and Ade”

  1. hmmm… for some reason it didnt hit me like the addiction one did. maybe because ive dealt with addiction and never cancer in a really close way.

    • Jessi- I think the addiction one is amazing too. I love that they addressed both topics through dance! I like how the differences in the two though. Addiction is a power struggle and the dance was raw and rough and devastating. This dance showed power and strength and hope in a very gentle way and I think that is what battling cancer is all about. Unfortunately I’ve lost my great-grandmother, a grandmother, two grandfathers, and my dad to cancer. My granny- the most amazing woman I know- is a breast cancer survivor and the way she battled it was impressive and inspiring and I think this dance nailed it.

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