Worthy, worthy, worthy

Drawing pictures in the sand seems simple until you watch this video. This may be the most amazing form of talent I have ever seen. I am truly captivated by this woman’s artistic ability. Her name is Kseniya Simonova and she won “Ukraine’s Got Talent”.

From the Guardian UK:

Here, she recounts Germany conquering Ukraine in the second world war. She brings calm, then conflict. A couple on a bench become a woman’s face; a peaceful walkway becomes a conflagration; a weeping widow morphs into an obelisk for an unknown soldier. Simonova looks like some vengeful Old Testament deity as she destroys then recreates her scenes – with deft strokes, sprinkles and sweeps she keeps the narrative going. She moves the judges to tears as she subtitles the final scene “you are always near”.

I dare you to watch it and not be moved.


One Comment to “Worthy, worthy, worthy”

  1. what. the. wordicantsayonachristianblog.

    that is absolutely unreal.

    also love that the last song was metallica.

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