Dance Craze

Cate- this one is for you.

Keri- 5 minutes of tonight’s 30 minute routine may make you yearn for the happy birthday video!

I think it gets pretty good at about minute 3… she really gets a balance of energy and rhythm… not to mention her encouraging audience participation.

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5 Comments to “Dance Craze”

  1. Let’s go, Dancers!

  2. Hey…how bout you? Go go dancers. lol Your house is filled with the joyful energy of Abby. Know you are enjoying being at home with her.

  3. So much talent!

  4. This is the funniest, greatest thing I’ve ever seen…in my whole life!

  5. This is great stuff! Do you ever watch in awe and wonder. Really! Where do they get all that energy from? And, can I have some too. Thanks for sharing. S-

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