Bursting at the Seams

This weekend my father in law cut a giant hole in the side of his house. A broken window needed replacing and he decided to install a considerably larger one, hence the need to actually remove a section of the interior and exterior wall.


The event convinced me of three things: 1- I never want to replace my own windows, 2- the men in my husband’s family are capable of pretty much anything, and 3- I love big families.

Three children may not have been considered a big family fifty years ago, but today I think it lands on the higher side of average. I seriously (unless God has a wicked sense of humor) doubt that Matt and I will have three or more children (even two is still up for debate) but this weekend reminded me why I love the idea so much.


As Matt and his brothers came home for their dad’s birthday and the unknown window installation project, I imagined what it must be like to have children coming and going all the time. It’s not the free physical labor (which is nice) as much as the full house and the conversations that are so appealing to me. It’s the idea of having everyone gathered around a dinner table and not having enough beds to accommodate them all.

It’s about watching so many different people walk through the door (or hold up a window) and instead of seeing individuals, having a family appear before your eyes.


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3 Comments to “Bursting at the Seams”

  1. It definitely is a nice thing to have a house full of family, kids of all ages talking, laughing, connecting.

  2. omg. jeremy sighting. its like seeing a unicorn or something.

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