Shaky Ground

There are three rules that I’ve created and followed religiously as an adult:

1. You should never, EVER, have to chew while you drink. This cancels out orange juice full of pulp, gogurt, and those soups that you drink from the can.

2. The only thing safe to consume from McDonald’s is the orange hi-c drink. Sure, the fries might smell tempting, but you just have to be strong.

3. There is one children’s tv show that my child won’t be exposed to. It isn’t due to any inappropriateness, but more because of how big a hit it was when I taught daycare. And because I’m creeped out by the idea of strange people wearing giant costumes. You know, like Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory. I digress though. The main character of the banned show is a purple dinosaur. Enough said.

If you have any rules like this that you follow, then maybe you can understand how sad I was when I had to break one today.

We’re still carefully sorting our liquids from solids. We still drive straight on past the giant “M” in the sky. But today rule #3 was irrevocably shattered. My daughter, my innocent, never before in her life seen/heard/known the name of the purple dinosaur, not only watched an episode, but she actually went to the home of said dino and auditioned for a one-time, little part on the tv show.

I doubt anything will come of it. Anything other than my tears, sobs, and cries of disbelief that I have just undone 3 1/2 years of work.

But trust me that when Abby is older and all her friends’ parents are pulling the “I was in labor with you for 50 hours” guilt cards, I will be the one saying “I let you watch Barney. I took you to the HOME of Barney.”

Hopefully she’ll understand my sacrifice.

If not, then I’ll mention that it took 36 stinking hours of labor before she was born!

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