I keep stumbling upon these amazing people. And while I struggle with the words to even describe the beauty of what they are doing, I though I could at least let you read them for yourselves.

Meet Katie. A 20 year old from Tennessee who is living alone in Uganda. Not only is she the mother to 14 children who are living in her home with her, but she also feeds, nurtures, teaches, and provides medical care to hundreds of others. Her story, her life, is beautiful.

Kisses from Katie

I especially encourage you to read this post of hers from last year when she was in the U.S. for school and fundraising:

Meet the Mayernick family. With 6 children already, they took a trip to visit Katie and serve for a week with her in Uganda. After coming home, they began to plan a return trip to Uganda to adopt a special needs child they had met. Their determination to bring their new daughter home continues in spite of struggling with the legalities of adoption and a positive HIV test.

Joining the Journey

And if you would like to do more than read, if you have the desire to act instead of watch, then let me point you to these:

147 Million Orphans



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