Jealous of Job

Job doesn’t get enough credit.

I think people like the book of Job because they feel connected to his situation, his loss, his doubt and his anger. But the truth is, that Job, the Job we find so relatable, didn’t appear until chapter 3. And I think we, I know I, speed read through the first two chapters in our haste to find the man who is worse off than us.

Sure, he eventually cursed the day he was born and did his fair share of doubting, but what about his first response?

Upon hearing that his 3,000 camels, 500 pair of oxen and 500 donkeys were stolen and that 7,000 sheep, all his servants, and his 10 children were dead,

“Job got up and tore his robe and shaved his head. Then he fell to the ground in worship.” (1:20)

After losing everything he owned and loved, he praised God.

He didn’t fall to the ground in anger or sorrow or accusation. He fell down and worshiped. The praise didn’t come after he pulled himself together. It didn’t follow a loss of faith. It was his initial, his immediate, his impulse reaction.

I freely admit that worship is not my first response to a situation. Often in the best of times and always in the worst, I have to remind myself to worship. I have to intentionally take the focus off myself and put it on God.

I hear lots of people say they want to be more like David or Paul. Right now, I just want to be like Job.

I want to believe so fully in God’s goodness that a personal attack from Satan leaves me on the ground, praising the Lord.

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