Living in the Moment

What is it about having an end in sight that makes everything seem sweeter?


Every job I have ever left was immediately easier and more enjoyable after putting in my two weeks notice.

School seemed like a really fun place when I was ordering a cap and gown.

Whenever I’ve packed to move, I’ve found myself clinging to the same doors and windows that days earlier, I hated.

I craved the challenge of the mission field each time I was preparing to leave it.

Why is it that knowing the end is coming makes me feel more? More capability, more sensibility, more boldness, more strength, more enjoyment, more freedom, more love.

I’ve been having a hard time lately with our search for a new home. It’s difficult to be in the unknown stage of whether we’re going to stay here or be somewhere else. And I’ve let myself get complacent and frustrated with where we are, simply because I imagine where we’ll move is going to be so much better.

But the truth is, when that moment comes for us to move, if that moment comes, I can guarantee you that I will cry. I will tear up over silly little things like not eating on this front porch again, and not hearing Abby’s footsteps echo off the hardwood floors, and not watching the TWU students walk to their classes, and not picking pecans off the driveway. I will be a complete wreck when we lock the door for the last time.

Unfortunately, time flies whether we’re having fun or not. So I’m trying to make the most of where I am and what I’m doing. Because I don’t want my fond memories to only be snapshots from the end of each journey.


One Comment to “Living in the Moment”

  1. great post! Good reminder. I get so caught up in whats next for me and my family I forget to take hold of what is now for us.

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