Right now, we are sharing our house with the flu. It feels like forever since we last went 3 hours without checking a temperature, dosing out fever reducers, or sucking down clear fluids. But it hasn’t been. Technically we’ve only lived this way since Sunday morning.

Saturday night, we finally introduced Abby to her inherited mascot- the Mean Green Eagle. It was UNT’s homecoming and since we do live in Denton and tickets crossed our path and Abby happens to already own a UNT cheerleading uniform (which I bought two years ago, because how could I pass that up?!), we put on some green and headed to the stadium.

She loved it. The football, the cheerleaders, the hotdogs, the bleachers, the hot chocolate, the ability to scream loudly and not be shushed, and the fireworks that go off when UNT scores. Luckily, UNT did score a few times. And while our team may have lost (44-40), we taught Abby the most important rule of being an Eagle- leave while you’re still winning.

It was a great night. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think it may be a new tradition for our family.





watching football



2 Comments to “Homecoming”

  1. um. love the cheerleading outfit! how cute!

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