Kissy Lips

Abby and I were on our way home from the park when an older lady walked by us.

Never one to not make a comment, Abby said, “She looks like Gigi.” (Gigi is her great grandmother.)

I said, “Yep. Gigi’s very pretty.”

A: “Yeah, Gigi has kissy lips.”

Me: “Kissy lips?”

A: “Yep. Nana has kissy lips sometimes too.” (Nana is her grandmother.)

Me: “She does? Do I have kissy lips?”

A: “Nope. Maybe when you grow up you can have some though.”

Man, I’m hoping “kissy lips” means wearing lipstick. Otherwise, I have some facial flaw that I’m only now discovering.


One Comment to “Kissy Lips”

  1. Hmmm. Do you even know if “Kissy Lips” is a good thing? I’d think so, but you can never be sure…

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