Words of Wisdom

After a crazy busy week at home, I spent last night and today attending the Fusion Conference. Kay Warren, Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, Anne Jackson, and Donald Miller were the speakers that I was looking forward to hearing, and they all lived up to my expectations.

It’s going to take me a few days to digest everything they said but here are a few of their comments that stood out to me:

Kay Warren

Kay Warren challenged us to stop trying to protect what we really love from God. As she explained, we tend to say to God, “I’ll do whatever you want- I’ll give up my car, I’ll teach Sunday School, I’ll go on a mission trip IF you don’t touch my family. You don’t hurt them and I’ll follow you.” We’re afraid that if we really say yes to God, He’ll take away or hurt the things that are most precious to us.

Francis Chan told us to quit forcing ministry to happen and instead spend time with God. When we’re focused on Him, ministry occurs naturally. The disciples in the upper room weren’t having a planning time, they were spending time in prayer.

Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler reminded us that while the cross saves us FROM wrath, slavery, darkness, sin and death, the resurrection saves us TO a union with Christ, freedom, eternal life, and participation in the triune life of Christ.

Anne Jackson taught us that nothing moves people into action more than proof of your own awakened life.

Donald Miller

Donald Miller showed us how Romeo & Juliet is about more than two love crazy teenagers. The religious tension that existed in Shakespeare’s daily life poured directly into his writing.

It was a great conference and if you ever have a chance to attend, I recommend you take it.

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