More than I dared to dream…

We bought a house this weekend.

It is old.

It is beautiful.

It is charming.

It is unique.

It is ours.

Before buying it, I prayed for big things:




God is so generous.

He took care of the big things.

And He gave us little things I didn’t dare ask for:

Fruit trees.



And because God knows my heart better than I do, He gave us this:

House Key

I would have been happy with a plain old key.

God doesn’t do plain.

He does spectacular.

He does abundance.

He does grace.

He does love.

And we love Him.

And we love our new house.

And our new key.

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4 Comments to “More than I dared to dream…”

  1. Wow! Congratulations, Jeannie!! There’s a definite satisfaction in owning your own place. Now, bring on the home renovation projects!

  2. I’m so happy that you are happy! Praying for God to bless that house and make it the home of your dreams…

  3. thrilled for you and for your abundance of blessings! oh how he loves us.

  4. What a lovely testimony about how GOD gives us more than we could ever hope or imagine.

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