Getting Through

For about the hundreth time yesterday, I heard someone say “If we can just get through the holidays, then…”. While I understand the sentiment, it overwhelms me with sadness.

Christmas isn’t a trial to survive. It isn’t just another day on the calendar. It shouldn’t be item #38 on our to-do list.

Christmas is a time for remembrance and thankfulness and love and joyful anticipation.

So why do we think that Christmas is standing in our way? Why do we act like Christmas is a meeting we wish we could cancel?

Something is wrong if we strive to get through Christmas and back to our daily lives instead of wanting to get through our daily lives and back to Christmas.


One Comment to “Getting Through”

  1. Humans need to look towards something positive, I agree with you. I hope lots of people read your post. Visit me at and read “C canine’s night after Christmas” for a few laughs

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