Naming the Year

I’m horrible with resolutions. I rarely make them and I frequently break them. I’ve resolved to be better, but I didn’t follow through.

But, as the past week has unfolded, I’ve felt a strong desire to do something. To change something about my life. I didn’t want to make a goal or a resolution purely for the sake of setting one. I wanted an adjustment that was purposeful, not pointless.

For all the knowing and wanting, I simply couldn’t put into words what it was that I so deeply desired to do this year. Then this morning, two words started running circles in my heart.

And since I feel like some of you reading this will be impacted by my decision, I thought I might share them with you: intentional investment.

That’s right. This will be my year of intentional investment.

I intend to spend the next 12 months (and hopefully much longer) investing my time, heart, money, and emotions into people. This isn’t about getting to know as many people as I can, or making new friends, or supporting every cause, or being a social butterfly.

There are friendships that need deepening, and that is what this year will be about… friends becoming family.

So if I start calling you more often, or suggesting we grab way more coffees together, please know that my intentions are good. I, personally, can’t wait to get started.


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