{Another} Rainy Day

It feels like forever since I’ve been warm. I don’t mean fake-central-heating warmth, I’m talking about sun-on-your-flesh warmth. I miss it. I miss feeling the sunshine nearly as much as I miss seeing it.

As I’ve been trapped inside (again) with a little girl who doesn’t believe in long extended napping sessions, I’ve tried to find things that make me happy to be inside and remind me of the spring and summer to come.

Today’s joy was found in:

– baking brownies and sharing a chocolate covered spoon with Abby

– online window shopping and drooling over spring and summer clothes

– reading library books to a little girl who adores stories

– dreaming of the flowers we’ll be planting soon

– planning how to decorate the office/craft room once we install the new floors

If winter ended tomorrow, I wouldn’t complain a bit.


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