Toddler Theology

The final moments we spend together each night are with eyes closed, hands folded, and voices rising. Praying before bed overwhelms me with gratitude and leaves her conversing with God long after I’ve left the room.

But rarely does a round of prayer happen without a teachable moment. Occasionally she learns something new, more often than not, the lessons are for my benefit.

Last night brimmed with words of thanks for the snow, the chocolate and the family time that filled our weekend. But then she said something unexpected:

“And thank you Lord for the dog you will give me when I’m older.”

She was very serious and very grateful. And I can’t shake her words from my mind.

She’s so trusting, so hopeful, so confident in God’s goodness. She doesn’t doubt that He’ll provide, instead she’s thanking Him now for blessings yet unseen.

How often do we thank God for what He’s going to do?


One Comment to “Toddler Theology”

  1. ooh, that’s GOOD. will go to bed tonight thinking on this one. thank you!

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