TV After My Own Heart

Give me the choice and I will watch a sitcom over reality television any day of the week.

Old favorites like I Love Lucy, Green Acres, Golden Girls, Seinfeld, Friends… the more recent Big Bang Theory and Modern Family… they’re always my preference.

I recently wondered why I’m so drawn to them, and I surprised myself with the answer.

It isn’t about the laughs or the writing or the actors. It’s the setting. The overlapping of stories. The community of characters.

I long for community.

I love how the characters come and go through each other’s houses and offices and restaurants and lives. I love the revolving door of friends and family. I love the lack of seclusion and isolation.

It’s all so unscheduled and comfortable and effortless.

It’s fake, I know. It’s completely scheduled and written and intentional, but I think it’s art imitating what life should be.

It’s how I’d like to live.

So feel free to stop by without calling and I’ll try to have something witty to say.


2 Comments to “TV After My Own Heart”

  1. I never doubt your ability to have something witty to say…but I do wish we lived close enough to drop in unannounced!

  2. I love this! My house is totally like that and people know they can drop in whenever. Mom always said if you come to see the house, call first but if you’re just coming to see me drop in anytime!

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