The Birds

Beyond the flowers, we’re also finding that our house is home to quite a few varieties of birds. I think the devil bamboo (more on that later) attracts them.

While I think hearing them all sing at once is beautiful, Abby’s easily annoyed by it and can regularly be heard screaming, “Stop it birds. That’s enough! Ughhhh…. they’re so loud!”

Here are a few I managed to snap a shot of:

(This isn’t a great photo, but please tell me you can see the size of the bird in the trees.)

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2 Comments to “The Birds”

  1. I see a big fat bluebird. Or bluejay. Something blue. I love the flyaway redbird.
    and I’m so sad that Abby doesn’t like to hear them sing.

    • I don’t know what the difference is in a bluebird and bluejay. I’m thinking of becoming even nerdier and buying a bird book.

      It’s when they all sing together that she really loses it.

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