The Wedding

I’ve had the image of Christ as the bridegroom in my head lately. Honestly, I can’t seem to shake it. And at first I kept thinking these days of waiting for Him are intended to be spent preparing for the wedding day, dreaming about the ceremony, but then I realized that the vows have already been said.

He has already committed Himself to me, to you, to us. He has already publicly stood up and declared His love. His intentions have been made known. He is already ours. I am already His.

I feel like this endless stretch of waiting and hoping is not the engagement, but instead the reception. He has left our side only long enough so that we can each meet and greet our guests. So that we can tell our love story again and again to family and friends. It’s our chance to bask in the glow of being chosen, to look forward to a life with the one who loves us, to relax into the knowledge that we will never again be alone.

And I imagine that just like every groom on his wedding day, He knows the perfect time to come back, take us by the hand and steal us away from the chaos.


2 Comments to “The Wedding”

  1. beautiful.

  2. i love love love this.

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